Audio:D/C- Daughter,Daughter


Whatever you do, don’t let the new song from D/C  sneak away on you.With the endless waves of new music coming out each day its easy for some to get losted in the sea.This new track from singer/songwriter D/C is a haunting piece about a familiar story and every parents worst nightmare,their precious child has gone and fallen for a no hoper,in this case a musician with no prospects.

The song is told from the musician prospective with lines like,(“the more that he pushes,the more she’s gonna push back”) sounding particularly poignant .Its exciting to hear new music that’s not easy to pin down to any genre. With husky soulful crooning over some well placed hand claps and deep electronic sonics running through the track it refuses to be neatly pigeonholed. It is what it is, simply good music.The song is taken from his forthcoming EP ‘Epiphany’,which is due out on March 31st.


CF Smith

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